Bespoke solution for controlling access around your property


We have the knowledge and expertise to provide intelligent solutions. 

We can provide solutions to a single door or to 10,000 doors with one user or 10,000 users on one site or on multiple interlinked sites.

Whether you wish to control external access to a building, a car park, a delivery gate, a cash office, a secure store, a lift, offices containing sensitive information, staff rooms, common rooms, or all of these, we have a cost-effective solution for you.

Speak to our local team to learn more about the access control systems and services that we’re able to provide you with.


At Specialised Fire & Security, we have connections with numerous fire and security system manufacturers – including Paxton.

We offer the Paxton Net2 and Paxton10 systems. Net2 allows you to initiate a video call via the bell button on an external panel. Paxton10 allows you to take control of your offices with ease and style. You will then be able to see the person at the door using the internal monitor and then have the option whether you would like to open the door or not.

A wealth of knowledge

We have been working with some of the world’s leading access control and intercom manufacturers for many years to design and install bespoke solutions to access control issues in a vast range of properties across various industries and sectors.

DDA compliance, together with local fire and building regulations, must be considered alongside your security needs when designing any access control system. Our system designers have the necessary knowledge and expertise in these areas to provide you with the right solution for access to, and within your building.

Our software packages allow you to set up groups of users with varying levels of access, to issue visitor and contractor cards with limited use including an expiry date and time, to automatically lock and unlock doors at the start and end of the day (and at various times throughout the day if required), and to produce reports on usage of resource centers.


Specialising in the design and integration of bespoke systems covering supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of Intruder Alarms, Fire Alarms, CCTV Systems and Access Control Systems.