Keep an eye on your home with smart CCTV solutions from Specialised Fire & Security

Domestic CCTV

We can connect your cameras to your high-speed broadband system so that you can remotely watch over your home, pets, driveway and garden via an app on your smartphone or tablet.”

CCTV for the home is becoming more and more popular as it offers benefits in terms of security and convenience.

Specialised Fire & Security are able to offer you a CCTV system that enables you to view callers at your gate or door before they are aware that you are at home, and to record activity around your home whilst you are home or away.

Specialised Fire & Security provide quality installations throughout Belfast and the whole of Northern Ireland.

Camera Options

We offer a wide range of cameras to satisfy your particular preferences e.g. obvious cameras in conventional housings to deter intruders, discreet cameras to blend in with surroundings, and covert cameras to avoid drawing attention to the security system.

Our cameras are designed to provide high quality colour images during the day and black and white images (under good artificial lighting conditions or with infra-red lighting) at night.

Energy Efficiency

We also have a range of cameras which incorporate infra-red LED lighting technology to produce colour images in normal daylight conditions and black and white images at night. These cameras are extremely efficient to run compared to cameras which require conventional lighting, and are discreet with no visible light to attract unwanted attention.


Time Lapse VHS video recorders requiring regular tape changes are now largely a thing of the past. They have been replaced by Digital Video Recorders which offer better quality, extended storage times, and remote viewing possibilities.

  • Recording continuously for several weeks
  • Providing continuous unattended recording
  • Storing footage on internal computer style hard drives
  • Downloading incidents
  • Viewing live pictures
  • Password-protected remote viewing


Specialising in the design and integration of bespoke systems covering supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of Intruder Alarms, Fire Alarms, CCTV Systems and Access Control Systems.